The Shack...

The shack i have currently consists of:

  • Kenwood TS-480 SAT
  • Kenwood TS-440 SAT
  • Kenwood TM-733e (2m/70cm)
  • Yaesu FTM-100de +HRI-200 Fusion system 
  • Wouxun KG-UV2D (2m/70cm porto)
  • Kenwood TR-7600 (2m)
  • Yupiter MVT-7100 receiver
  • President Lincoln (10m/11m)
Powered by 2 K-po KPS30SW, and 1 K-po SPS-30-II power supplies. both capable of delivering 30 amps each.
These KPS30SW psu's are of course clones of the Alinco DM-330MVE, but these cost 80/85 euro's each. And i did not hear any interference yet.

  • 1:9 balun with 16.2 meters wire attached. (does almost all bands, mostly used for 40/80)
  • Falcon OUT-250B (6m-10m-12m-15m-17m-20m-30m-40m-80m)
  • Diamond X-300N (2m/70cm, 3m long)
  • Commet CA-2X4CX (2m/70cm, 1m long)
For field days i also have a 11m/27mc GPA converted to a multiband vertical and a ZS6BKW

Mobile shack
  • Yeasu FT-9800r quad band tranceiver (10m-6m-2m-70cm)
  • MFJ-1734 2m-70cm on glass antenna this antenna is sh** is you have more the 0% tainted windows
  • MR-77B from diamond.
i dont use the 10 and 6m mobile.