Monday, February 10, 2014

New release CQRlog 1.7.3

Again, no I do not advertise stuff for them , I am a too small blog anyway....
But last week CQRLog released an update which is supposed to be the last big update be for the Debian freeze for the Ubuntu 14.01 LTS release.

So what's new..........
As 1.7.3 was a CAT fix, ill post both 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 release notes....

Version 1.7.3
  • TRX control didn't work - fixed
  • rotor control didn't work - fixed

Version 1.7.2

  • after hitting ESC in any window opened from NewQSO, cursor will be returned to callsign edit field
  • frequency in New QSO and QSO list wondow is formated to 0.0000
  • added Help -> Keys and shortcut to menu in QSO window
  • RBN integration into GrayLine showed CW speed instead of signal strench - fixed
  • DXCC entity window didn't show when compiled in Debian Sid and Ubuntu 13.10 - fixed
  • when CQRLOG was run for the first time, two mysqld proccesses opened the same database - fixed
  • upload to ClubLog didn't work after enter QSO and delete - fixed (big thanks to Pawel, SQ5LTL)
  • TRX control window's layout was broken with some font sizes - fixed

The things fixed show that this is getting to a complete and stable piece of software. These are only the things worth mentioning , and other small things are fixed as well.
If you like me prefer Linux in your shack , this is for sure the piece of software that is a must.

If you do not use Linux cause it's so hard to install bla bla bla.....
This is how you install it in Debian Stable.....
  1. open a terminal screen.....
  2. type: sudo apt-get install cqrlog
  3. open a web browser
  4. download latest cqrlog deb package from their website
  5. type: sudo dpkg -i cqrlog<version-you-downloaded>.deb
  6. done!
Now that gives you an installed and updated cqrlog on Debian Stable. Ubuntu should work the same.
If this will not work, just send me a mail with all the info on the terminal screen , and i will help you to solve it.

If you run in to problems inside the program... Petr, one of the 2 coders, spends a lot of time on FREE support on their forum.
He solves most problems, on most distro's and posts the solution's as well.
After 1.7.3 i have hardly seen any remark anymore about bugs...
Also the wishlist for new functions is always taken seriously.... this is a nice difference compared to other software ppl... 


Looking Back at PACC 2014

Looking back at the PACC 2014 makes me smile....
I never did a full 24 hour contest before as last year i was a bit ill and skipped the whole evening.
Looking at my points i now know how important the evening is as well :)

I spent a lot of time in my shack.... well, shack, the last 2 to 3 hours it felt more like a jail cell to me as i was exhausted.

and , again, like last year i ran into some known people.... which made me smile

  • PE4BAS, Completely in style like last year Bas did not recognize my call, i dis recognize his, but as we were in contest, and more people were calling, i did not mention it.
  • PA6W - PA3GNZ PA7TWO, Tjeerd(PA3GNZ) was contesting in PA6W, and i don't know if it was him who i spoke to or one of his fellow crew members, but they immediately replied with my name instead of my call....
    Now this could be because one of the crew, a good ham friend of mine, Kees, PA7TWO, told him who i was.....
    Later on, when i was scanning 80 or 40m , i don't remember, Kees called out with his own call instead of the PA6W call.... the coincidence....
  • PA6NH - PA3FUN, This call, PA6NH, i actually monitored on the dxcluster....
    As 2 of the people i talk to almost daily worked this contest station. And i actually worked them.
    PA3FUN was operating at the time when i called out for them on 80m.
    As my 80m antenna is not that great, and their antenna's were more pointed to the US, it was just above noise level that i talked to Christiaan(PA3FUN), who was as amazed as me that the contact could be made.
The conditions to me felt less then last year. Also lately there has been a lot of activity on 10M, but that was very low as well. The nice contact i made last year to Australia on 20 was definitely not going to happen.

So what was the most memorable contact for me then..... well, that was not hard....
A certain "small" station was calling at 10... KC1XX
So i called back , and made the contact.... not surprised as i have a fairly decent 10 meter antenna....
So then i ran into them at 15.... and made the QSO there.... still not  surprised....
On 20m i ran into them again , well pleased to work them on 3 bands, this contact was made and logged as well.
Now here comes what made this memorable for me..... Later in the evening.... i was scanning 40m and making a lot of dutch/European contacts. As usual... as i have a end fed wire antenna for 40.
All of a sudden i hear KC1XX calling... and OMFG (excuse my language) they were LOUD!
Against better judgement, thinking i would never make it over the "big pond", i pushed my footswitch down and gave my call twice..... my set shouted through my headset "PA1SBM, you are 59776...."
I almost fell of my chair and gave them my, now known to them, 59FL back....
As soon as the QSO was logged, i jumped up and did a little dance and cheer behind my desk.....
This is/was my first contact to the US on 40 ever!! 
I am not thinking this has anything to do with my station... its 100% them having awesome antennas....

All and all i had a really good is just a big big BIG mental exhaustion to do this all alone....
I did go to bed a little while (UTC) 12:00 to 06:00 and 5 minutes after i woke up i was cq'ing again.

Next year i am so going to do this again......

Till next year ! 59FL from me, good luck in the contest!!